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I wanted to thank you again for your help in selling my home.  It’s a relief not having to worry about that any longer.  I contacted my insurance company like you recommended and I did have a refund coming back...$850…That was a nice surprise which cut another huge chunk out of what I paid out.  I got $720 back on escrow, which was dead on to what you thought.  When you consider that I only had to make one double payment, I guess it all worked out as best as you could expect.  Thanks again.  I absolutely will recommend you to any friends that need an agent.


Michael Leistner

Director of Temp. Staffing, Theracare



We had been trying to "Sell by Owner" for several months and had really had no success finding a buyer. Lots of showings and phone calls, but no takers. Mark's flyer caught my eye for all the houses he had helped move in Brockton Manor, so I kept it handy. Mark met me on a Saturday, while I was working at the house. He was very low pressure, but confident in his ability to sell our house fairly quickly. The following Tuesday it hit the computer and Wednesday we had an offer. By the end of the week we had a price that was actually more than what we had been asking for when we were "Sell by Owner."

Mark made everything very easy, from letting me in the house when I had been locked out by another realtor to handling a last second issue raised by the buyer. It was all very professional. It was like we had known Mark and Brittany, who was just joining the team, for a lot longer than this experience took.

We would certainly recommend The Linder McClurg Team to anyone looking for a Realtor. The whole process happened so fast, we were actually almost sorry it went so quickly. We enjoyed talking to and working with Mark and he was always available when we needed something or just had a question. Thanks to the Linder Team.

Matt and Alicia Cummings

Former Brockton Manor Resident



During the past two years we have had the opportunity to work twice with The Linder McClurg Team. We bought our home in Willow lakes, Center Grove and subsequently sold it 18 months later, building a home in Brockton manor. We tried selling by owner and then Mark Linder sold our home in less than 30 days.


In both cases, we enjoyed a professional relationship with the team. They displayed a high level of knowledge about both transactions and helped us to obtain the maximum value when buying and selling.


Communication is a key concern and the team was always available and kept us apprised of what was happening. 


The Linder Team will always be my first choice in any matter related to home buying and selling and I don’t hesitate recommending them to my family and friends.


Simon Morse


Brockton Manor



I was extremely nervous when I was transferred to Southern Indiana.  There are a large number of unknown challenges when you are re-located.  A new job for my spouse, new schools for the kids, dealing with a new boss, not to mention the whole move.  Thanks to The Linder McClurg Team, the move was the easiest hurdle to overcome.  The Linder McClurg Team referred me to an excellent agent in my new area.  Not only did she find us a house in our price range, but she also helped us schedule all of the inspections, as well as the closing and the financing.  What a great situation for someone like me, who had a million other things to worry about.


I thank The Linder McClurg Team for their help during this difficult time.  I am truly grateful that some people still take pride in their work and know the true definition of dedication!


Kyle Lovan

Beckman Coulter

Automated Solutions



The first to come to mind when I think about what Mark Linder and his team did for us is “WOW!”  Mark went above and beyond what one might expect from their realtor.

Mark kept us up-to-date on a consistent basis, answered all of our questions, handled himself in the utmost professional manner, was diligent and persistent on making sure our home sold within a reasonable time frame and that our needs were met during the sale.  These are just a few things…believe me there is more! 


Would I recommend or work with The Linder Team in the future?  Without a doubt!


Dana Adkins



Mark Linder was a very professional agent.  We have both known Mark since he was a young boy, and were impressed by his professionalism, courtesy and knowledge.

He was always ready and willing to show us a house or property at our convenience, which meant a lot to us.  We could reach him just about anytime of day or night.

We would recommend The Linder Team and would like to work with them again if the need arises.


Otto & Carol Hofmann

Brentridge Estates



Just a thank you for helping us keep our house.  It isn’t nearly enough for what you did for us.  You took time out from your busy schedule when it wasn’t going to benefit you; to help someone you didn’t even know.  My son and I could have been homeless if it hadn’t been for you.  I had to pay $4500 in attorney & foreclosure feels and I have the same loan at the same interest rate; but at least now I have options.  I can live here and have it paid off in 10 years or I can sell it.  Thanks again.


Debbie Cockrill



Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with Debbie.  She was able to keep her house; without your help and guidance, it wouldn’t have happened!  I’m very grateful for all your help!


Janet Schumann